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This page contains Ride and Event information for MEMBERS ONLY


If you have an upcoming ride/event, public or for members only, CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE A SIMPLE FORM with all details for your event/ride. You will be able to share a link to your flyer, or upload a flyer at the end of the form. Be sure to complete the form in it's entirety as you cannot edit your submission. 

You can always check the calendar on the Rides and Events page, or check the embedded document below. As a safety/privacy factor we did NOT implement a Members Only calendar as the calendar would have to be made public. In doing so, it would be searchable and that calendar potentially would contain personal information of some members.  

Use the slider at the bottom of the document below to view all pertinent information.

Want to see the whole document in a single view? CLICK HERE TO VIEW EVENT SUBMISSIONS. Keep in mind these events are for members only and may contain some member's personal information, please do not share.

Events should appear according to date.